Abnormal Pap Treatment: Colposcopy and LEEP Procedure

It can be devastating to receive news about an abnormal pap smear. When your results come back positive, it means your doctor found abnormal or unusual cells in your cervix—it does not necessarily mean you have cervical cancer. Nevertheless, women often feel betrayed by their own bodies and can have deep concerns about their fertility, treatment options and cancer. The board-certified gynecologists at Women’s Wellness Center understand all of these emotions and provide individualized treatments using minimally invasive techniques whenever possible.

Abnormal Pap treatment options

Depending on your unique situation, we offer different abnormal Pap treatment options, including:

  • Colposcopy
    This is a common procedure most women will have following an abnormal Pap test. Similar to a pelvic exam, you will undress from the waist down and lie on your back. Your doctor will insert a speculum so they can clearly see the cervix. Next, he or she will put a weak solution of acetic acid (similar to vinegar) on your cervix, to make abnormalities easier to see. Next, he or she will use a colposcope (similar to a magnifying glass) to examine the cervix. This medical instrument stays outside the body and allows your doctor to see the cervix closely and clearly. If any abnormalities are found, a small piece of tissue will be removed for further analysis.
  • Loop electrical excision procedure (LEEP)
    A LEEP procedure is often conducted to detect cancer of the cervix or vagina. This procedure uses a fine wire loop heated by electric current to remove cells and tissue in a woman’s vagina and cervix. It is used to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal or cancerous cells. During this procedure, an electric current passes through the wire and a thin layer of abnormal cells is removed and sent to a laboratory for further testing.

If you have recently received an abnormal Pap result and are apprehensive about next steps, we encourage you to seek the treatment you need. Each of these outpatient procedures can be performed quickly, right in the exam room.

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