Meet Women’s Wellness Center’s Caring, Helpful Clinical and Administrative Staff

At Women’s Wellness Center, we’re dedicated to providing the highest level
of obstetric and gynecologic care that’s focused on your individual needs. To fulfill this commitment, we’ve assembled an outstanding team of caring, knowledgeable professionals who put your needs first and focus on your comfort and optimal experience.

From our all-female clinical team to our efficiency-minded and compassionate support personnel, get to know the people who help us take the best possible care of you through every stage of life.

Clinical Staff

Headshot of Nicole “Harley” Miller, Registered Nurse

Nicole “Harley” Miller, Registered Nurse

Headshot of Kelly Cronin, Registered Nurse

Kelly Cronin, Registered Nurse

Headshot of Cassidy Riggs, Licensed Practical Nurse

Cassidy Riggs, Licensed Practical Nurse


Administrative Staff

Headshot of Leslie Wolff, Office Manager

Leslie Wolff, Office Manager

Headshot of Allison Fleck, Client Services

Allison Fleck, Client Services

Headshot of Gianmarco Castellanos, Interpreter

Gianmarco Castellanos, Interpreter

Headshot of Ethan Moo, Interpreter

Ethan Moo, Interpreter

Headshot of Lah Say, Interpreter

Lah Say, Interpreter

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