D&C: Dilation and Curettage

So many parents-to-be dream of starting a family, but for one reason or another, struggle to become pregnant. Thankfully, for instances in which uterine or cervical issues are interfering with your ability to conceive, there are solutions such as dilation and curettage (D&C). This surgical procedure is performed to remove tissue from inside your uterus.

After general anesthesia is administered (you will be “out” or “under”), the doctor uses small instruments or a medication to dilate (open) your cervix, which is the lower part of your uterus. Your doctor then uses a surgical instrument called a curette to remove uterine lining.

When is dilation and curettage used?

Several uterine or cervical causes can impact fertility by interfering with implantation or increasing the likelihood of a miscarriage. Doctors perform D&C to correct conditions like:

  • Uterine polyps or tumors (fibroids and myomas) – These are benign, and common, but can block fallopian tubes or interfere fertility.
  • Endometrial scarring or inflammation – Within the uterus these conditions can disrupt implantation.
  • Abnormally shaped uterus – This can make it difficult to become or stay pregnant, and is present from birth.
  • Narrowing of the cervix – Or cervical stenosis, can be caused by an inherited malformation or damage to the cervix.
  • Abnormal endometrial cells – Can be discovered during a routine test for cervical cancer.
  • Heavy bleeding – D&C can treat abnormal or heavy bleeding, or clear the uterine lining after a miscarriage. 

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