Specialized Prenatal Care for a Healthy, Successful Pregnancy

Expecting a child can be one of the most exciting, exhilarating times in a woman’s life. As women and mothers ourselves, we understand this … and the concern, uncertainty and anxiety that are normal parts of being pregnant. At the same time, as residency-trained and board-certified obstetricians, the Women’s Wellness Center’s doctors have the knowledge and expertise you depend on for top-quality prenatal care … right here in Huron.

Our goal is your goal: a healthy pregnancy, a successful delivery and a beautiful, healthy bundle of joy.

Advanced, compassionate obstetric care from experienced doctors and moms

At the Women’s Wellness Center, we lead with our hearts, giving you the compassion, understanding, guidance and support you need. At the same time, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting comprehensive, up-to-date care that includes:

CenteringPregnancy: A special kind of support during your prenatal care

We’ve seen firsthand that there are benefits to going through pregnancy with other moms-to-be. In fact, research shows that when pregnancy becomes a group experience, healthier babies can result.

This is why we’re the first provider in the east-central region of South Dakota to offer the CenteringPregnancy program. Designed by a nurse midwife, this program brings together expectant moms (due at about the same time) to share, support and learn from one another. The program includes educational materials, essential instruction, in-depth information and supportive gatherings in addition to your normal one-on-one time with the doctor.

Specialized care for high-risk pregnancies, right here close to home

While pregnancy can be an exhilarating experience, it can also cause unexpected frustration, worry and anxiety if things don’t go exactly as planned. To be as prepared as possible, you also need doctors with the training to meet any potential challenges. Our board-certified OB/GYN specialists provide full pregnancy care, including caring for women with high-risk pregnancies, right here in Huron, SD.

Women with pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, heart disease or cancer are at a heightened risk for complications like preeclampsia, anemia, seizures or stroke. It is our mission to provide exceptional physical, emotional and mental support for a healthy, successful pregnancy and delivery.

To learn more about our experienced, comprehensive and compassionate prenatal care, call us at 605-554-1020. When you call, you can also request an appointment with one of Huron’s experienced, board-certified women’s health specialists. Or, you can request an appointment online.